Arts in Education — PTA Reflections

December 2021 Update: Congratulations to our GCISD participants. We had 117 students participate district-wide, with just over 40 advancing to Council. Council judging is now complete, and we will be sending 11 entries across 4 arts categories from 8 campuses to State! Click here for the complete Council results. (PDF)

{ Want to participate in PTA Reflections? Entries are closed this year. Next fall, contact your local PTA for Entry Forms and Guidelines, and campus deadlines. }

What is Reflections?

Reflections is a program established by the National PTA over 50 years ago to support students’ participation in Fine Arts in schools.  Through participation in the Arts, students gain self-confidence, find ways to express their feelings and ideas, explore fundamental questions of humanity, develop creative thinking skills that support problem-solving, and derive satisfaction and pride from completing a creation of their own making.  In the PTA Reflections Program, students submit entries in any of six art categories that reflect on the current annual theme.  These entries are judged along side other entries from their school and recognitions are awarded.  While technique and execution are recognized, more emphasis is placed on interpretation of the annual theme.  Entries can advance to Council, State and even National level judging events.  

Previous Years’ Results

2020-2021 Reflections

screenshot of "The Rescue" film by Fiona B

2019 Reflections National Advancer from GCISD

The film entitled “The Rescue” was submitted by Fiona B, from Glenhope Elementary, and received an Overall Award of Excellence at State, advancing to Nationals in 2020.

Click here to view Fiona’s film.

“Look Within”

Click to see results from GCISD
Enjoy a slideshow of entries from GCISD:


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