The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of the proceedings of the association.


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Secretary information


Minutes should contain records of all action taken by the group, including the exact wording of every motion, the name of the member who introduced the motion, and the actions taken on the motion.  If decisions are made by consensus that should be noted and reported, also. The minutes should be reported in the order in which the business is presented at the meeting. The action taken by the association, not what is said by the members, should be recorded. The minutes should be entered in an official minutes book.

Minutes of the previous meeting are read or distributed for approval at the opening of each meeting. The word “Approved” and the date of approval should be written at the end of the minutes of each meeting. The secretary
signs the approved minutes.

In Writing Minutes, the following outline can be used:

  • Date, place, time, and type of meeting (regular or special)
  • Name of association
  • Names of presiding officer and person responsible for minutes
  • Attendees
  • Quorum established
  • Whether previous minutes were read and approved or if reading was dispensed with
  • Report of the treasurer
  • Reading of communications
  • Reports of executive committee, standing committees and special committees
  • All motions (unless withdrawn); points of order and appeals, their outcome; and the name of each maker of the main motion, but not who seconds
  • Program topic, method of presentation, names of participants, and important points covered
  • Any further business
  • Time of adjournment

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