Volunteer School of the Month

Summer/August 2016 Volunteer Awards: Glenhope, Grapevine High, Heritage El. - Volunteer Awards for Summer/August are: 1st – Glenhope Elementary with 1335 hours 2nd – Grapevine High School with 1238 hours 3rd – Heritage Elementary with 1133 hours Volunteer hours September are due Oct 15. The volunteer hours reporting form can be found on the Council website.
Campus in the Spotlight: Heritage Elementary - This month we are proud to feature Heritage Elementary School as our Campus in the Spotlight. This is a special year for HES as they just celebrated their 25th anniversary on January 25th, 2016. The HES PTA is a great collaboration of parents, teachers and the Grapevine/Colleyville community. Through their dynamic partnerships, they work together […]
Volunteer School of the Month: Feb. 2016 Bear Creek Elementary - Volunteer School of the Month: 1st place winner for February Bear Creek Elementary February 1st place Volunteer Hours 1394 Erica Fisher Volunteer Chair
Volunteer School of the Month: Jan 2016 Timberline Elementary - Timberline Elementary January 2015 1st place Volunteer Hours 1209 Marie-France Arancibia, Volunteer Chair
Volunteer School of the Month: Dec. 2015 Heritage Elementary - Heritage Elementary December 1st place Volunteer Hours 1495 Julie Rockaway  Volunteer Chair
Volunteer School of the Month: Nov. 2015 Silver Lake Elementary - Silver Lake Elementary  November  2015 1st place Volunteer hours with 2379 hours Neely Meyers, Volunteer Chair
Volunteer School of Summer 2015: Grapevine High School - 1st Place Award – Grapevine High School Volunteer Chairman – Cyndi Zambory Volunteer hours – 1136 Summer Hours for June, July, August 2015