Volunteer School of the Month

GCISD Council of PTAs

Top Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours for the Summer Months are due Sept.15.  The volunteer hours reporting form can be found on the Council website: https://gcisdcouncilofptas.org/local-units/volunteer-hours-reporting-form/.


March 2019 Volunteer Awards 

1st – Colleyville Heritage with 2,988 hours 

2nd –  Heritage Elementary with 1,287 hours

3rd – Grapevine High with 1,084 hours 


April 2019 Volunteer Awards 

1st – Heritage Elementary with 2,026 hours

2nd – Colleyville Heritage High with 1,964 hours

3rd – Dove Elementary with 1,901 hours

Honorable Mention – Bransford Elementary with 1,627 hours 

Honorable Mention – Grapevine High with 1,334 hours