Purpose and Goals


A PTA Council is a group of local PTA units organized under the authority of the State PTA. The Council is the direct line of support and resource to the local units within its boundaries as well as the key link in the line of communication between Local, Area, State and National PTAs, school administration and the general public. Councils provide opportunities for conferences, leadership training, and coordination of efforts, plus information, support, inspiration and instruction for Council members.

Councils serve to:
• Unify and strengthen the local units.
• Develop leadership.
• Promote local membership.
• Provide year-round leadership support for local PTAs.
• Promote the interests of the National PTA and the Georgia PTA.


Council Goals 2019-2020

Build awareness among the local PTA units of Council’s purpose with emphasis on our role and responsibility to train and provide PTA support.

Provide information and resources via:

  • Council website that is maintained in a proactive, timely manner. Site address at http://www.gcisdcouncilofptas.org
  • Use electronic communication and current social media (i.e., email, Facebook, and Twitter) to provide regular and timely communication to targeted PTA members and leaders.
  • Access to district administration through regular communication and presentations at monthly Council meetings of GCISD programs, results, issues, opportunities and more

Assist in training and supporting local PTAs through:

  • Utilization of council officers as liaisons to local units
  • Training and Leadership courses
  • Educational programs at meetings
  • Council website with state and national PTA resource links
  • Feedback from training sessions
  • Networking and idea sharing among local units through means provided by Council (meetings, web site and Facebook)

Maintain and expand the Council relationship with leadership of GCISD by:

  • Inviting key administrative leaders to attend Council meetings and events as appropriate.
  • Sharing Council information and utilizing GCISD leaders as resources when appropriate.
  • Cooperating with GCISD leaders in providing information and resources to parents and community partners in the district.
  • Working with the GCISD Trustee liaison to keep the Board of Trustees informed about Council activities and events and to include them in such events when appropriate.

Provide a Scholarship Fund:

  1. Develop consistent criteria and a non-biased process for awarding scholarships
  2. Provide at scholarships annually.
  3. Scholarships to be funded by donations from local units, local businesses, and proceeds from the annual Silent Auction at Founder’s Day.