Advocacy 2017

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram:  Area PTA members urge support for school funding, fighting vouchers {or read a PDF of this article }

Community Impact News: ‘Educational and fun’: GCISD stakeholders attend Texas PTA’s Rally Day {or read a PDF of this article }

Contact your Legislator

Texas PTA offers a convenient link so you can email everyone from your Texas State Rep up to the US President: Click here to email your Legislator.

GCISD Council of PTAs 2017 Legislative Priorities

Support Student Success

Adequate and Equitable School Funding
Pursue an adequate and equitable solution for school funding while maintaining accountability and responsibility for educating the whole child.

Meaningful Assessment & Accountability

State of Texas Assessment for Academic Readiness
Advocate for reduced emphasis on state-mandated testing, focusing on grades 3-8, and monitor changes to STAAR for high school students, and limits on benchmark testing for all tested grades.

State Accountability System
Pursue a new accountability system that is valid, reliable and balanced, focuses less on state assessment, and recognizes other attributes of a strong school program, including arts instruction and physical activity.

Strengthen Public Schools

Oppose Vouchers
Oppose vouchers, including Education Savings Account Programs (ESA Programs), that allow state funds to be utilized in private schools that are not accountable to the taxpayer or the state. ESA Programs allow eligible parents to use a portion of the funds the state expends for their student’s public school education to fund private school tuition, tuition at eligible institutions, and distance education curriculum. The remainder of the funds are kept by the public school the student previously attended.

Health and Safety

Strengthen the cyberbullying law to protect students from online, often anonymous, bullying by clarifying the role of school districts and other officials in addressing this behavior, and removing barriers by dealing with offenders.

Click here for a full list of the Texas PTA’s Legislative Priorities.

rally-day-2017_graphic_outlinesTexas PTA Rally Day, Feb. 27, 2017

Click here to visit the Rally Day web site.

A critical difference between PTA and other parent groups is our dedication to advocacy. Public education is our one guarantee for a brighter and better Texas.

Each legislative session we hear about the need to improve public education, and history shows that following the conclusion of every legislative session, we all express our dissatisfaction with the results and wishing we had done more. By attending Rally Day, we are letting our PTA voices be heard and taking action while decisions are being made rather than afterwards when nothing can be done.

Attending Rally Day is an investment of your time and resources that, frankly, Texas students cannot afford for us to overlook. See you on the South Steps!

Legislative Action Chair will determine the legislative goals to be achieved as well as communicating and sharing important information with the Legislative Action Committee and the PTA members.

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