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Sept. 27 or 29, 2016: Required training for all PTA board members

We will be presenting two sessions of the Teaxs PTA Foundations: Leader Orientation training course. This training is required for all board members.

The training is offered on Sept. 27 and 29. We have divided the training into 3 sessions each day. Please sign up for all you wish to attend:

  1. FREE – “Training on Google Drive” presented by the GCISD Instructional Technology staff — bring your own laptop or device and your Google login.
  2. FREE “Serving on a Local Board” training for experienced AND new leaders.
  3. $8 “Foundations: Leader Training” for new leaders.

Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER as we need to get an accurate head count to ensure we have enough training booklets.

In order to guarantee a training booklet, you must be signed up NLT Sept 11. Local presidents and delegates, please share this sign up genius with your board members.
This is a one-time requirement. If you have already completed this training, please let me know for our records. Board secretaries are required to keep a record of when all board members completed the training.

FOUNDATIONS Leader Orientation (FLO) now has two components: Welcome to PTA and Serving on a Local Board. While both are required, leaders who completed FLO in previous years are grandfathered and are not required to complete Serving on a Local Board; however, we strongly encourage participation in this updated training. Leaders must complete FLO only once in their PTA service, and both components are covered with the onetime payment; an in-person presentation is $8.00 and taking the course online cost $10.00.

Welcome to PTA is still offered online via the Texas PTA website and in-person via Council PTAs and Field Service. Facilitator Kits and Resource Guides should be requested for in-person presentations at least two weeks prior to the training date. For 2016-2017, attendee completion certificates will be included in the back of the FLO Resource Guide and should be signed by a Council Leader/FSR for their records. Note that beginning June 1, 2017, this portion of the required FLO training will only be available online.

Serving on a Local Board will be offered by Council PTAs and Field Service. Completion certificates are available on the Texas PTA website for Council Leaders and FSRs to download and provide to attendees as needed.