From TxPTA: IRS Proposes Increased Regulations for Non-Profits

This message is from Texas PTA:
Regulations have been proposed by the U.S. Treasury Department and the IRS that would permit, but not require, your PTA to file a new, separate information return with the IRS (in addition to the Form 990).
This information would have to be filed by February 28 of each year for every donation your PTA receives that exceeds $250.
With this new informational tax return, called the “Donee Report,” your PTA would be required to collect this donor’s name, address, and Social Security number or other taxpayer identification number.
Your PTA would also be required to provide a copy to each donor listed (but only the portion that contains “information related to that donor”) by the February 28 deadline.
The IRS is accepting public comments on the proposed rule change through this Wednesday, December 16.

Take Action by submitting your comments and concerns

Texas shares National PTA opposition to this proposition. This will require your PTA to file an additional and uneccessary report which could impose a burden to your PTA and to your donors who are working tirelessly to back the future of our state’s children. We urge you to submit comments opposing these regulations. To do so,  please click here.

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