Campus Spotlight

Campus in the Spotlight: Bransford Elementary


In an effort to showcase the awesome things our local units are doing, we are starting a new feature called “Campus In the Spotlight.” Each month, we will promote a different campus. For our inaugural issue, we are proud to put the spotlight on Bransford Elementary PTA.

Bransford Elementary PTA stands as a vibrant organization for one of the finest elementary schools in the state of Texas. PTA volunteer hours for our parents at the school in the month of October reached almost 3,500 hours! The organization maintains a strong relationship between parents and teachers, with active representation of the faculty at our meetings. Finally, a strong spirit of giving thrives with the Bransford PTA. The opening fundraiser for the year, Laps for Learning, earned $33,000 for the school. These are only some of the examples of how the Bransford PTA strives to be a helping hand for the fantastic students and teachers at Bransford Elementary School.

^ Mrs. Halliburton, Mrs. King and Mrs. McEnery dressed up like cowgirls and had a stick horse race around the Bransford Elementary cafeteria at the LAPS For Learning pep rally.  The kids loved it!
^ Mrs. Ritter’s 5th grade class after LAPS at Bransford Elementary.
12274330_907600799324379_4235244437739200488_n^ Bransford’s recent Veteran’s Day Celebration. Second grade performed and the veterans walked the halls filled with thank you notes from the kids. The veterans then spent Circle Up Time in the classrooms with the students.