2015 Life Member Award: Darlene Bodish

Darlene Bodish 2015 Life Award“The person we want to honor now, Darlene Bodish, has been an important and valuable GCISD volunteer for the 15-plus years that her four kids have been in school. She’s been active in the booster clubs of all the activities her kids have been involved in – Band, Choir, Football, and Soccer, just to name a few. She’s been active on the PTAs of all three campuses her children attended – O.C. Taylor Elementary, Colleyville Middle and Colleyville Heritage High School. Darlene’s also been very active on the GCISD Council of PTAs, the group that advocates for all 17 campuses in GCISD, so she’s touched the entire district through her volunteer efforts.

And Darlene hasn’t just taken the easy jobs on PTA boards – she’s been the president of CHHS PTSA and the Council. She’s been the Membership VP at CMS and the Volunteer Coordinator at O.C. Taylor. She’s been the treasurer at CMS and for CHHS this year, her last year at CHHS. By the way, Treasurer is a job nobody wants because it’s probably the most challenging and difficult position on a PTA and one that you can really get into trouble with, if you don’t have a dedicated and trusted person filling it.

And — Darlene hasn’t just filled her positions on PTA boards. She’s taken on lots of hard, time-consuming committee roles over the years, including: TWO Strategic Planning Committees including LEAD 2021; the SEAT Committee; the GCISD Education Foundation’s Review Board; the District Excellence Committee; Scholarship Committees; Bylaws Committees; Nominating Committees; Campus Excellence Committees; Financial Audits, and Principal Interview Committees. And in her last year at CHHS, Darlene took on being a sub-committee chair on the Feeder Pattern Task Force, which you might have heard was a tough committee to be on. And she has even coached the Colleyville Girls Varsity Lacrosse team in her “spare” time. Did I mention that she has 4 kids? But it’s not just the many, many hours that Darlene has put into GCISD that are important (although that is huge).  It’s that Darlene brings enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, competence, kindness and dedication to everything she does.  When you ask Darlene to do something, you know it’s going to get done and that she’s going to do it well.

On a personal note, I’ve worked closely with Darlene over the last 7 years and she’s a big reason that I’ve stayed so involved in PTA, because she always had my back when I was president at HES and she’s supported everything I’ve done at CHHS. I think that Darlene is GCISD’s greatest cheerleader.  She goes to everything, not because it’s her job, but because she likes supporting all our kids, teachers and staff.  She’s friendly, empathetic, super organized and she always knows what’s going on, so she’s a great resource of knowledge for our PTSA and we are really, really going to miss her on the board when her last kid graduates this year. (But don’t worry, I know her phone number when we need her.) Our PTSA board knew we wanted to honor this special person this year, but we found out that Darlene’s received just about every PTA award there is out there, over the last 15 years, because other people have noticed her dedication, too.  But we did manage to find one she hasn’t received.

So I would like to present this award, the National PTA Life Achievement Award to Darlene Bodish.